when u find ur moms sex toys

Okay, so I was helping my mom clean out the garage this weekend and you’ll never guess what I found: Penis Rings when I opened up this one old cardboard box, it was filled with sex toys! I was kind of frozen with shock for a sec because… yikes! I barely knew what to say. I mean, yeah, I know that my mom is an adult and all but… finding her vibrator and lube was a lot to take in all at once.

After I got over my initial surprise, I started to think about what it might mean. Did that mean that my mom and my dad are into kinky stuff? Or did she just get these as a bachelorette party joke? I mean, it was a lot of sex toys so maybe it was more of a serious thing. But what if she was doing this stuff like… behind my dad’s back? That thought gave me the creeps.

Still, I refused to jump to conclusions and give my mom a hard time about it. She’s already had a hard enough go of things lately and this was something that I was very much not comfortable talking about with her. Especially when I wasn’t sure what it meant. I mean, I am her son after all – a kid. And this was definitely Adult Business.

So, instead of just blurting out something embarrassing, I packed the box back up and took it back inside and moved it to my mom’s bedroom. I figured I’d leave it up to her to decide what to do with it. At least, if it was something serious, now my mom had a private space to think that over.

I knew this could be kind of awkward for my dad. I mean, if that was what was going on. But I figured I had done my part to be respectful to both my parents, and Penis Rings let them take it from there.

Meanwhile, I escaped to the living room and settled in for a show. After a while, I started to debate whether or not to bring up the box to my parents.Maybe they should be made aware of it, even if it was an awkward conversation. But then I thought about my mom’s expression when I handed it to her. She was probably embarrassed and I didn’t want to make her feel worse.

I was still debating with myself if I should say something when suddenly there was a knock on my bedroom door. My mom stumbled in and took a seat on the bed, completely ignoring my puzzled expression.

“Sweetie, you know that box you found in the garage today? I just wanted to thank you again for being a good son.”

I barely had time to process what she was saying before she launched into a long discussion. Apparently, she and dad had been debating trying a little spice to their bedroom games for a while. “I figured that this would be an inconspicuous way to try out something new,” she explained.

Long story short, my mom and dad are still in the talking stages, but it looks like their relationship is in for an upgrade. Although at this point, I’m still a little in the dark, I’m glad everything turned out alright and that my mom was able to talk to me about this.

I mean, uncomfortable conversation or not, I’m glad to see that my parents are still trying to keep the spark alive in their relationship. It’s nice to know that you never really get too old for having fun and exploring different things when it comes to intimacy.

Besides, with this newfound knowledge, I now understand why my mom’s blushes every time I accidentally stumble on her self-care sessions. Gosh, and here I thought she was just watching romantic comedies – so embarrassing!

At the end of the day, it turns out that when you find your mom’s sex toys, things don’t have to be as weird or scandalous as you might have thought. As long as everyone is comfortable and respecting each other, the world of intimacy and exploration isn’t off limits, even if you are the parents who have to explain it to their children.

I guess that’s the moral of the story here: that even though it can be a bit embarrassing for everyone involved, it’s always important to accept your parents – even if that sometimes means accepting a few sex toys.