may i bring sex toys on planes china

It is not often that something so controversial become a talking topic among us. I remember when one night, my friends and I were discussing about whether it is possible to bring sex toys on planes in China. At first, none of us had a clue, and we concluded it must be illegal. But then, we decided to do some research.

When I was searching the web, I stumbled upon a bunch of articles about the topic. After reading them, I realized that apparently it is possible to bring sex toys on planes here in China. All the pieces of information I read seemed reliable, but it was still hard to believe. So I was still in doubt, thinking it could not be true.

When somebody suggested we go and ask the airport staff, I got both excited and scared. Excited, because if it was true, it would be awesome. Scared, Penis Rings because I was afraid I might get questioned about my intentions to bring a sex toy on the plane. But then I thought to myself that this would be a great opportunity for us to know the truth.

We went to the airport with a bit of hesitation. We asked one of the airport employees about what was allowed on flights regarding sex toys. He told us that apparently, yes, sex toys were allowed on planes. And believe me, you should have seen our excited faces when we heard that. We were over the moon!

Next, I thought to myself: if it is not illegal to bring sex toys on planes in China then, maybe other countries allow it as well? So, we decided to do a bit more research, and this is what we discovered. We found out that it is allowed in some parts of Europe, and the United States as well. Worried about getting questioned, I looked into the law of every country and found out that it is not illegal – yet – to bring sex toys on planes.

The 5 Best Vibrators 2021 | Reviews by WirecutterI consider this good news, as it opens up lots of possibilities for people who travel a lot. No matter where you go, you can be sure to bring your own sexual stimulators along with you. After finding out the truth about this topic, I now feel more comfortable and even more confident. So next time I’m heading to the airport, sex toys I’ll bring a little something extra with me!