It was a strange, yet enthralling experience. I had been flirting, with an old kink of mine, for quite some time – sex with girl pretending to be a doll. It wasn’t something I would usually go for but I was intrigued.

The VibratorsWhen I finally decided to go for it, I was mesmerised – it was like something out of my fantasies. I was alone with a woman who had completely transformed into a living doll. She was dressed in a frilly frock, Penis Rings her eyes were wide and she was all smiles.

My experience with her was like no other. It was like creating a new world that was just for us. I had no expectations or inhibitions and felt completely free. Instead of engaging with her as a human, I interacted with her as a doll.

Needless to say, the sensuality was extraordinary. She moved with exquisite grace, allowing me to enjoy every second of our play. We explored all the different ways I could enjoy this fantasy. We rolled around in the sheets and discovered new ways to pleasure each other.

But, ultimately, the experience wasn’t only about the physical pleasure. It was an emotional journey for me, with each touch and gesture becoming meaningful and connecting us even more. I felt completely absorbed and enraptured, my head was filled with nothing but tenderness and love.

Though it may have been strange, the pleasure of the experience was incomparable. I felt both liberated and humbled at the same time—more alive, energized and in touch with my sexuality than ever before.

By exploring my sexual fantasies, I realised that connection and intimacy are so important in all partnerships – even those involving dolls. I realised that one needs to make a conscious effort to engage with their partner and ensure the mutual pleasure involved.

Realising that I could explore my fame fantasies safely, without fear of judgement, was such a relief. I felt free and confident in my own skin, feeling aroused by the idea of sex toys with girl pretending to be a doll. Even though it wasn’t the usual route I go for, I the excitement of the new was intoxicating.


However, the experience was not without its difficulties. One thing Rtook me a while to come to terms with, was the feeling of detachment between me and her when she was in doll mode. Though we connected on a physical and emotional level, the feeling of having no idea who she was outside of this, was a bit unnerving at first.

It took me a while to really embrace the fantasy, and the relationship that came with it. I had to accept that she was not only a living doll, but a partner to be cherished. I had to put aside my own insecurities and let her have her control, unconsciously trusting that she would do right by me.

This understanding was particularly helpful in the bedroom. I was able to let go, no longer feeling anxious about experimenting with a new partner. I felt freely able to converse, to play and to enjoy new forms of pleasure. It was an incredibly liberating mind-space to be in.

The experience also made me realise that pleasure should not be limited by gender constructions—it can be about pushing boundaries and experimenting with our bodies. I realised how common it is for more adventurous acts, such as role-play and fantasy, to bring a thrilling and passionate element to any relationship.

In acknowledging this I found myself overcoming my insecurities and beginning to explore my deep-rooted fantasies. I soon felt confident that if it felt right I could enjoy more of these type of experiences. I felt excited about finally allowing myself to feel pleasure without limits.

The most beautiful part of this experience was being able to look someone in the eyes, and know that they completely trust you and respect your boundaries. I gained a whole new appreciation for my own body, and the need to cherish it. To express it in the way that felt right for me, and to go for it without reservation.

It was definitely an unusual experience, but an a deeply connecting and intimate one nonetheless. I now have a greater appreciation for the power of fantasy, and the tremendous pleasure it can bring to relationships. As raunchy as the experience may have been, it was an important lesson and one I hope to never forget.