how much are japanese sex dolls

Wow, I recently heard about Japanese sex dolls and I am a little bit stumped. I couldn’t believe how popular these things are becoming and how much they cost! I’m sure there’s a lot of questions and assumptions about them so I decided to take a look and see how much are Japanese sex doll actually worth.

First off, let’s just get it out there: Japanese sex dolls are not cheap. Anywhere from 2,500 to 7,500 U.S. dollars can be spends on an authentic silicone sex doll from Japan. Of course, you can find cheaper models on the internet, but they lack in quality and realism when compared to the Japanese ones.

The higher end models can cost more than 20,000 dollars. Not only do they come in female forms, realistic or anime- styled, but you can also get male and she-male dolls as well. It’s quite staggering the choice available.

The Japanese sex doll market doesn’t just sell dolls either. Accessories like lingerie, costumes, Penis Rings wigs, Penis Rings and furniture can sometimes cost even more than the dolls themselves. So I’m sure you can appreciate that the cost can rack up quickly.

A big part of the cost comes from the building of the dolls, this includes the material used to create them. A blender is used to mix polymers, silicones and other materials together to give it the look and feel of a real human.

The faces and heads are the most intricate part of the process and are sculpted from scratch. It costs a fair amount of money to get a quality artist to craft something this detailed. Adding to the realism, the eyes are actually working moving parts, so you can feel like your dolls really is alive.

As I mentioned earlier, the cost for these dolls is not cheap, but compared to other quality products such as cars, jewellery, or even getting a medical surgeon to alter your appearance – taking into account all the components and details that go into a Japanese sex doll – it is quite reasonable.

Surprisingly, it isn’t just men who are buying these dolls. With the dominance of the ‘me-too’ movement, the appreciation for females in Japan and the fact that the dolls come in variety of genders, it seems that these products are gaining in popularity with women too.

The other surprising thing is that the Japanese don’t actually tell you what they are made for. We all know that they can be used for sexual purposes, but the packaging or the websites that promote the product don’t say this plainly. To me, this shows a sense of respect towards the product.

So I guess the story is clear. Japanese sex dolls are expensive, but the cost reflects the time and materials used to make them. They also come in a variety of genders, and there’s no shortage of choice available. Lastly, the Japanese are quite respectful when it comes to explaining the dolls’ purpose, and this is something that I truly appreciate.Online Sex Toys Shop In Pak Kret | +66 971358956