how many sex toys do you own

I just got asked an interesting question recently: How many sex toys do I own? Honestly, I’m not quite sure because it seems like I’m continually adding more. I started out with just one item when I was younger and the selection has just grown from there. Now, I’m a bit of a sex toy enthusiast, so it’s hard to narrow down a definitive list.

When it comes to vibrators, I’m a dare devil. I’ve got a classic rabbit, a sleek bullet, even a wand with a moldable head. And then there’s the dildos. I’ve got one that’s ribbed for extra stimulation, smooth and curved for ease of insertion – even a double-sided one for a little or a lot of penetration. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve also got restraints, paddles, and sex dolls a blindfold. I find knowing pleasure is coming but not being able to predict what it will be makes for a deliciously intense experience.

I also like to keep things spicy. To that end, I’ve got some seriously kinky items that trade partners have used to get things rolling during our play times. A feather tickler? Check. A handful of nipple clamps? Check. A spanking paddle that doubles as a massage implement? You know I’ve got it.

Don’t worry, I switch it up to keep things unpredictable. I’ve got a few hands-on games designed to bring out my naughty side. And then I have the traditional Items meant to bring naughty fantasies to life. As for the NSFW board game, I’m not sure what you’d call that, but I play it and I guarantee it’s exciting.

But here’s the thing. I’m not just about adding eclectic toys to my repertoire, I’m also after the thrilling experiences that come with them. Taking my pleasure into my own hands with a nice vibrating rubber friend? Sure. Relying on a friend to keep all the moves just right? Can do. Navigating my way to orgasm with a combination of techniques? No problem.

So, how many sex toys do I own? As many as it takes to bring exhilarating pleasure every time.